As riders and working in the motocross industry for over a decade we know that our products are subject to defective conditions and have quality control issues from the factory. We put a high amount of research and development on all of our products and use them in real world conditions along with our factory to develop gear that works and has a modern fit. If you experience any issues or problems with one of our products we want to know! Please reach out us info@phasemoto.com

Once you have a valid issue or claim then we can evaluate and either repair, replace, or return the product based the current issue if its verified with our claims department. Any Jerseys that are custom sublimation name and number are 100% non returnable unless its a defect on our end or if the name and number submitted does not match what was printed. If you submitted the incorrect spelling or number and we produce it we are not liable. Please double check your info before submitting it. If you catch a spelling error or number error please contact us within 12 hours of the order and we can try our best to correct it.