Q. What is our sublimated name and number customization?
A. This is not your regular iron on transfer, the name and number is heat pressed and into the jersey as it is part of the design. Like the top tier pro jerseys, same design. Each name and number will be 100% custom. You will have the choice of 4 font designs for the name and number, it is an additional $39.99 charge. Please make sure everything is spelled correctly and the number is correct before time of purchase. The sublimated name and number will be heat pressed into the garment and will become part of the fabric. This process will leave you with a more breathable, soft feel to the jersey. The best part is that the name/graphics/number will never peel or wear off!
Q. How many letters and numbers can I have on my jersey?
A. For as long as the name you want on the backside of the jersey we allow up to 12 letters. We allow up to 3 digit numbers. We will sublimate the name and number white or black depending on color of jersey you have chosen to purchase. We are priced lower than other companies that offer this option let alone other companies who offer iron on transfers that will eventually peel off and wear and crack over time. Our process will never crack/peel or be bulky like the classic iron on transfers, Sublimation name and number is ahead of the curve and now we are offering it as an additional fee to our customers. 
Q. Can I return my Sublimated Jersey? 
A. If the jersey has a custom name and number on it and is processed we can't accept returns. If we spell the name or entered the incorrect number we will issue a refund or replacement. We will match exactly what was submitted or how a name is spelled out from your order so please double check your spelling and correct number before submitting the purchase. 
Q.I didn't hear anything back from rider support after submitting my resume?
A. Phase Moto is always looking for new team riders and want to help as much as we can throughout your racing season but if you submit your racing resume and don't hear anything back its nothing against you. Its either we have a full roster for the year and hopefully can help you in further assistance and customer service but we will try to reply within 72 hours. If you aren't accepted it has nothing to do with your racing skills or resume, our rider support team might be full for the year. We are racers and know that rider support is key for both riders and for the company. Any specific questions feel free to reach out to us
Q. Pre Order and when will it arrive??
A. Our pre order sale assures you will get our limited release set of gear or apparel of your liking. It will take up to 2-3 weeks to obtain and then about a week to distribute. There is no guaranteed delivery time but we try to get it to the customer asap and the custom name and number will take longer if the jersey is sublimated, please allow about 7 days extra for custom name and number. Please inquire with any questions at

Q. When will you have items in stock ready to ship?
A. We are doing pre order and the process of that takes 3-4 weeks for lead time.We should have some items in stock by summer 2020 but none of the jerseys will be available for sublimation name and number they will just be blank as most regular jerseys are. Stay in the loop and follow our instagram where we update almost daily to keep you in the loop so stay tuned on upcoming news and sales and updates on our INSTAGRAM PAGE @PHASEMOTO